The Advantage Series EDM power supplies by EDM Zap are the most technologically advanced power supplies available. Featuring powerful programming capabilities, advanced materials handling, advanced setup, advanced arc protection, extensive reporting, and much more.

While the Advantage Series is extremely capable it is also easy to use. The power supply is built around Microsoft Windows Embedded operating system that provides a familiar user interface yet offers impressive capabilities.


Touch Screen User Interface: An industrial touch screen interface is available for quick and easy operation. Built around Microsoft Windows Embedded operating system, this robust platform offers a familiar windows interface and allows for powerful, yet flexible options.


Detailed Run Program Screen: The run screen that displays during a job gives the operator valuable information including position, voltage, amps, temperature, cut statistics, efficiency, and more.


Quick Burn: The Advantage control includes a simple but powerful programming environment. Called Quick Burn, the operator simply slides a single control to choose settings based on resulting sizes and surface characteristics. Current, On-Time, Off-Time, and all operational parameters are automatically set.


Extensive Reporting Capabilities: The Advantage control includes the ability to record and report various user defined events. The reports page of the program accesses Daily Reports, Error Logs, and Wattage Reports. Every entry that is recorded is time and date stamped. Since the system is Windows based, reports can be easily sent to a local printer or network printer in a remote location.

Wattage Report 1

Wattage Graph and Reporting: Emerging section 10 standards call for heat input limiting and data graphing and the Advantage control already includes technology to meet this standard. The technology limits heat input without affecting surface finish or electrode wear characteristics.

Program Locks: The Advantage control can be configured to lock cutting parameters and protect the job from inadvertent operator changes.

Advanced Electronics: The advanced electronics in the Advantage Series Power Supplies under virtually any cutting condition will yield better results. The all digital output section manipulates the energy to improve performance. Fiber optic connections to the output boards assure perfect timing and guarantee that all of the output transistors operate at the same time. The result is increased performance because of the clean connection and reduction in electrical noise from traditional methods.

High Speed Jump Cycle: The Advantage ZNC and CNC feature an automatic jump cycle which makes it possible to cut deep, flushless detail into the workpiece. Whether the application is a deep rib in a plastic mold or the precise detail in an turbine, the jump cycle makes cutting the thin, deep detail easy. In addition, motion is applied smoothly with a precisely applied S-curve motion profile. This sophisticated move provides for extremely high move velocities with rapid acceleration and deceleration while the S profile keeps the acceleration smooth and avoids the shock that would disturb the cut.


Traditional Interface: The Advantage M Power Supply features a traditional EDM interface that offers users a familiar operating platform to get up to speed quickly. Designed to be a plug and play replacement for many power supplies manufactured with the machine tool connection standards established by Elox and used by many manufacturers throughout the years.

Options: Extend the functionality of your EDM Zap Advantage Power Supply with options such as a hand-held controller, multiple work leads, integrated flame sensor, light tower, tool changer, and more.