EDM Zap Advantage

When we decided to build the EDM Zap Power Supply from the ground up, we wanted to give users the best solution in the business. The Advantage Series Power Supply is an example of what can be accomplished when you blend research, engineering, and experience. The result is a power supply that is reliable and productive.

The EDM Zap Advantage is loaded with features that allow you to be more profitable and productive. The Manual version offers operators a familiar control panel while the advanced electronics on the inside work to be productive every step of the way. The ZNC and CNC versions feature powerful programming capabilities allow operators to conduct quick burns or customize a series of functions. The advanced materials give users instant access to 100’s of different material combinations with burn settings so you can get started right away. The main screen gives instant feedback so you know the job is running smoothly.

The EDM Zap Power Supply doesn’t just work harder, but helps you work smarter. With advanced electronics and fiber optic connections the power supply is efficient and powerful.

Why build such an advanced power supply here in the USA when others import from offshore? Because it is not just our reputation on the line, but yours too.

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EDM Zap has been working with Aerospace customers to improve reliability and material performance. The advanced features of the Advantage Power Supply allows for record keeping and documentation to maintain an audit trail for reporting purposes.

  • Supports Auxiliary A-B Axis Table for 6-axis blades and vanes.
  • All Digital spark development assures consistent metallurgy.
  • Dynamic Heat Input Recording and Management.
  • Comprehensive materials library of common high-nickel aerospace super alloys.
  • Advanced orbiting capabilities including all standard orbits plus X Z and Y Z orbiting routines.
  • Enhanced reporting capability produces a highly detailed audit trail of any action taken by the operator to include amperage, on-time and off-time changes or cutting program starts or stops.
  • Active adaptive control technology increases consistency and repeat-ability of both metallurgical surface characteristics and dimensional tolerance reproduction part after part.
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With virtually no foreign material exclusion (FME), discover how this non-contact machining is ideal for hot tap modifications. Discover how this technology works for boat sampling, coring, and complex geometry cuts. Discover how EDM is portable, works underwater and in tight quarters, and goes through the hardest welds. Discover how EDM Zap can use this high accuracy and repeatable technology to work for you.

EDM Zap is the leading provider of EDM equipment and services to the energy industry in North America and abroad. EDM Zap technology is particularly well suited to the unique needs of the industry. Primary among this technology is the ability to cut remotely at great distance. Whether the work is at the top of a wind turbine or deep underwater EDM Zap can provide cutting technology to achieve results not possible with any other cutting process.

EDM Zap equipment can cut the hardest metals with ease. In hot-tapping applications cuts can be made with virtually no foreign material exclusion (FME). The material being cut is disintegrated into microscopic particles that are easily collected. EDM cutting is non-contact and generates very few cutting forces. Compact cutting head designs can work in tight quarters and achieve exacting results.

EDM Zap also can help design and manufacture cutting heads and other items specific to the Energy industry.



The EDM Zap Advantage E-Series power supply was specifically designed for the energy industry. It is primarily used at nuclear plants to hot tap modifications.

The compact lightweight design allows for the equipment to be positioned where you need it. Compact design can easily fit in hallways, elevators, small rooms, and can even be carried up stairs. In addition, built in lift points and tie downs make transporting to the job site easy.

The Advantage control has one of the most sophisticated arc protection systems ever designed. The control employs an adaptive technology to maintain an aggressive cutting level, while intervening as needed to produce a high level of protection. Additional safeguards protect the cut such as the ability to automatically maintain safe Off-Time ratios, even when manually changed by an operator.

Remote operation with a secure fiber optic interface cable out to 2 KM. Ideal for operations in containment areas or challenging locations.



Download our EDM Zap Advantage E-Series Brochure





The Advantage Series helps forging companies meet their specifications with high metal removal rates and exceptional power performance with the most exotic metal alloys. The higher amp models can really benefit with burning though material while minimizing electrode wear.

  • Arc Cable Purging increases Metal removal rate.
  • “Slag Buster” circuitry optimizes cutting through weld and weld slag.
  • Programmable High-Voltage settings cut through coatings such as nitriding.
  • Options to put priority on minimizing electrode wear.
  • Comprehensive materials library of forge grade steels and welding alloys.
  • Self adjusting, variable speed cooling system allows you to burn reliably at full power for large roughing cuts.
  • Power options up to 400 peak amps for high volume rough cutting.
  • Mosfet transistors in the output racks for a high level of reliability.





EDM Zap Equipment and Moldmaking, a great combination.

  • High-Speed Jump Cycle for Deep Flushless Ribs
  • Adaptive Control to minimize possibility of DC arcing
  • Digital Output Reduces Recast Layer minimizing polishing
  • Results Oriented Automatic Programming
  • Comprehensive materials library of mold materials.