jet engines


EDM Zap has been working with Aerospace customers to improve reliability and material performance. The advanced features of the Advantage Power Supply allows for record keeping and documentation to maintain an audit trail for reporting purposes.

  • Supports Auxiliary A-B Axis Table for 6-axis blades and vanes.
  • All Digital spark development assures consistent metallurgy.
  • Dynamic Heat Input Recording and Management.
  • Comprehensive materials library of common high-nickel aerospace super alloys.
  • Advanced orbiting capabilities including all standard orbits plus X Z and Y Z orbiting routines.
  • Enhanced reporting capability produces a highly detailed audit trail of any action taken by the operator to include amperage, on-time and off-time changes or cutting program starts or stops.
  • Active adaptive control technology increases consistency and repeat-ability of both metallurgical surface characteristics and dimensional tolerance reproduction part after part.