The Advantage Series helps forging companies meet their specifications with high metal removal rates and exceptional power performance with the most exotic metal alloys. The higher amp models can really benefit with burning though material while minimizing electrode wear.

  • Arc Cable Purging increases Metal removal rate.
  • “Slag Buster” circuitry optimizes cutting through weld and weld slag.
  • Programmable High-Voltage settings cut through coatings such as nitriding.
  • Options to put priority on minimizing electrode wear.
  • Comprehensive materials library of forge grade steels and welding alloys.
  • Self adjusting, variable speed cooling system allows you to burn reliably at full power for large roughing cuts.
  • Power options up to 400 peak amps for high volume rough cutting.
  • Mosfet transistors in the output racks for a high level of reliability.